Is there mandatory maintenance for the Zeus hand?

A mandatory service must be carried out every 6 months.


Which components have to be sent in for maintenance and repair?

The Zeus hand inside the hand case, along with the service card detailing the service record.


For what length of time does Aether offer maintenance and repair for the Zeus hand?

The standard warranty for the Zeus is 24 months (2 years), although its service life time can be up to 5 years. To avoid service costs from the 24-month mark, you will need to take out the extended warranty for either 3, 4 or 5 years at the time of purchase. In addition, after the 60th month (5 years) mark, no further repairs will be provided.


When does the warranty take effect?

The warranty starts on the date of delivery to the authorized prosthetic center.


What are the services included in the warranty?

Free servicing every 6 months, a free loaner unit during the service.


What happens if the mandatory maintenance is not observed during the warranty period?

If mandatory services are not performed, Aether may invoice all costs that are incurred due to, or in connection with, the failure to carry out the obligatory maintenance.


Is there a grace period for maintenance?

The manufacturer grants a grace period for maintenance of no more than 1 month after the due date.


Where should I contact if I require a loaner or trial unit?

To obtain a loaner unit during maintenance or repairs or a trial unit for a trial fitting or marketing purposes, please contact your Aether sales representative/local Aether Customer Service or official Aether distributor.


What exactly does the loaner or trial unit case contain?

The loaner case contains only the Zeus hand. The trial case contain the Zeus hand, Zeus charger, Zeus dongle, 2 electrodes & electrode cables. Please reuse the same packaging to return all components back to Aether for inspection.


What is the Zeus hand‘s service life?

5 years


What are the wear and tear parts of the Zeus hand?

The springs, finger tips, rubber gaiter and any glove supplied. Please note that the wear and tear are not covered by the warranty, but might be serviced during the 6-month maintenance.


Where can I find the serial number of the prosthetic hand?

You can find the serial number of your Zeus hand on the box. You can also find the serial number on the product itself near the wrist.


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