Zeus - The Bionic Hand for All

The Zeus is a multi-articulating myoelectric bionic hand, combining ease of control with an elegant, robust design. Through the strength and dexterity of the Zeus, users can perform daily tasks with ease. Whether lightweight or heavy objects, delicate or tough grips, users can operate the hand for a wide range of activities, all the way from holding a pencil to lifting a dumbbell with confidence.

Beyond strength, the Zeus is highly customizable, providing users the option to choose between 12 standard grip patterns, each of which can be customized within the grip’s parameters. These features ensure that users can go beyond their basic everyday tasks and master specific and unique activities with ease. 

Features of the Zeus

12 Standard Grip Patterns

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How to Use Our Software

Using our software, clinicians gain access to the Zeus configuration application. The software is designed for accredited prosthetists to make changes in the Zeus’ settings, enabling a fine-tuning of functions for users.

Using this application, practitioners can control the EMG settings that control the Zeus, choose from available user grips, modify the finger positions for each grip, and activate more advanced functions of the hand.

The interface software is designed for use by qualified and Zeus-certified prosthetists.

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